~ Totally Undeserving of the James Beard Award

~ Completely Undeserving of the James Beard Award ~

Friday, February 24, 2012

Notes to Self…

#1  REMEMBER! Don’t put this list on your blog! (keep it in secret file inside the "fake" hot chocolate canister)  :-)

#2  Come up with new a recipe for my Chicken Feet Sliders (I have the feeling the family doesn’t like it when the claws get stuck in their teeth)

#3  Try to return the salad spinner to the store; say it came that way (remember next time not to use it to dry the cat after a rainstorm)

#4  Need to use up the bacon grease; I think 3 gallons is too much to keep.
           * Maybe add it to Cathy’s strawberry jam?
           * Add it to the coffee for a more “robust” flavor
           * Freeze it for a unique popsicle
           * Use it as shaving cream???

#5  Recipe Idea:  “Crepes a la Eggplant with a ganache glace’ “ (fancy sounding name will make it taste better) 
Blanch eggplant slices then dip in melted chocolate and roll into a tube; use a toothpick to hold it.
Heat enchilada sauce in pan and thicken into a thick paste (use lots and lots of flour, if too thick add bacon grease)
Pipe paste into center of eggplant tubes
Top with hollandaise sauce. (or syrup???)
Garnish with sliced olives.
(try it first on the dog)

#6  For the stuffed grape leaves (dolma) dish on next “Greek night”, don’t substitute maple leaves from the lawn (I think they knew!)

#7  REMEMBER! If the dog gags on it… next time don’t serve it to the family!

#8  Broccoli stalks are under appreciated.

#9  I don’t think using ground up cat food instead of flour is “gluten free”

#10  Stop using the green stuff from the Shrek chia pet as a garnish (it’s just has an “off” taste)

#11  Parker didn’t like the peanut butter and pepper jelly sandwiches in his lunch.; I think it was the peanut butter.
#12  I think the family is getting tired of me yelling: “thatsa spicy meatball!” after every bite on Mexican nights.

#13  The seafood cake was a winner for Parker’s birthday…there wasn’t one crumb anywhere to be found the next morning (a good sign!); I heard a lot of his friends saying “ooh”; make it again real soon

#14  Using the ukulele to slice bananas and mushrooms doesn’t work; steal Dan’s banjo next time he’s up and try that instead.

#15  Try the loofa out of the shower as a strainer (don’t tell anyone)

#16  Pick up more anchovy sausages at the meat market (there are 4 pounds in the freezer!)

#17   Next time at a restaurant, order the steak tartar well done!

#18  Instead of garlic and rosemary in a compound butter use okra.

#19  Try again to get the cat to shred cheeses.

#20  The dill pickle sushi was a hit! Mix it up next time, dill pickle and lettuce sushi, dill pickle and cracker sushi…

#21 Refuse to take chocolate coins from Alvin at the corner store as change…they melt, plus they wont fit into the parking meters.

#22 Next Thanksgiving…when the recipe says “baste with pan drippings”, it means the turkey.

#23  Next time when someone says “hey, where’s your other brother Darryl?” spike their drink with syrup of ipecac.

#24  Remember to put the lids back on the BBQ sauces when taste testing in stores. (bring straw next time)

#25 Next time downtown, check out "Larry's Pussycat Prowl and Liquors"...maybe they have a good price on cat food.

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