~ Totally Undeserving of the James Beard Award

~ Completely Undeserving of the James Beard Award ~

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Now repeat after me...





Close...you sort of roll the"R", but not like a Spanish rolled R



What ever, close enough...now it's more easy..."Sket"


Good!...now simply "Ta"






Ugh...recipe time...

Bruschetta...as I understand it, is toasted or grilled bread, rubbed with garlic then topped with...whatever.

I think most people think of a mix of tomatoes and basil for the topping...so here we go...

It's really a very simple process that lends a bit authenticity as an appetizer in an Italian meal...a little more that garlic-cheese toast...not that there's anything wrong with garlic cheese toast!

So, slice up a baguette...I like to do it on a bias, not that I have a prejudice against any other cut...but I digress...

...brush each piece with olive oil...or "EVOO" as used in the foodie world (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)...then give them a nice golden toast under the broiler...

Take a clove or two of raw garlic and rub each piece. The toasted crannies of the bread creates a rough surface which shreds the garlic. This can lend quite a garlic bite due to the raw garlic...and more is obviously more bite.

For those who do not care for garlic (and you know who you are)...I have this alternative recipe at this link  --> HERE

Ok, now dice up tomatoes...different colored toms just add another dimension..."we eat with our eyes"...I de-seeded and roughly chopped two roma and one medium yellow heirloom tomatoes

Take 4 or so fresh basil leaves and stacked them on top of each other

 So here another new word..."chiffonade"...thin strips and this a easy method to get 'er done...just roll the stacked leaves up into a rather tight cigar

Now, just slice across...simple



Toss the basil into a bowl with the toms with a pinch of salt and pepper and a drizzle of EVOO and toss to make it all happy, happy, happy.

You could serve it either by letting your guests top the toasts themselves and plate the mixture separately...or

 ...pre-top each toast

This made enough for 3 or 4 people or about 6 - 8 toasts

Happy Cooking!

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