~ Totally Undeserving of the James Beard Award

~ Completely Undeserving of the James Beard Award ~

Friday, February 21, 2014

Welcome to Club Med...

Welcome to the Mediterranean!

We have on the fresh sheet menu for this evening is a wonderful char grilled cod with a medley of roasted mediterranean flavors, grilled squash and peppers and crunchy artesian bread.

For two? Of course

Allow me to explain just how the world renowned, James Beard award winning chef of our 5 star michelin restaurant prepare this…or how some doofus dreamt up this slop...

He starts with a mix of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), artichoke hearts, sweet cherry tomatoes, olives, red pepper flakes, salt, pepper and fresh thyme in a small pot and slowly heats the medley to marry the flavors...

While that is on the go, he creates a combination of EVOO, 6 year balsamic vinegar, garlic and a pinch of salt and pepper for bread dipping...

…that is slowly poached and the garlic roasts and softens advancing to a…well…shall I say "unique" color and texture…but it do tastes fine!

The fresh veggies are washed for their preparation...

And the cod is brought to room temperature, a drizzle of EVOO is applied along with a bit of salt and pepper. Bringing the protein to room temperature allows for even cooking later on.

The vegetables are prepped with again, EVOO, salt and pepper

The chef (or doofus) readies the grill and prepares some oil and paper towel to wipe the grill with to prevent the fish from sticking to the cooking surface.

Here we find the fish on the grill and being turned over once. No need to turn it over and over. And no need to fret about grilling fish and having it stick. As with any meat, if it sticks it's not ready to be moved…when it is ready, a spatula should slip under it with no problem.

A few minutes before the fish is ready, the veggies are tossed on

Not too soft and nice char marks…the BBQ provides everything with that extra char-grilled flavor.

When finished, the fish is transported to the kitchen on a sheet pan and topped with the warm medley prepared earlier and left while the remaining times come together and plated

Oh!…and here is your selection now!

Bon Appetit!

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