~ Totally Undeserving of the James Beard Award

~ Completely Undeserving of the James Beard Award ~

Sunday, May 29, 2011


So, more on equipment.  While some are critical, some being great to have...some are evil, rotten, vile items that each time I see one I have no choice, but to call C.R.AP., the Culinary Ripoff Accessory Police.  I have to admit I have gadgets that basically have one use, potato masher, a lemon/line squeezer thing...a mellon baller.  

But some are outright ridiculous.  Take this one, an "onion keeper".  Ya, I have one...it's called a "bag".

Or this one, an avocado scooper-slicer, seriously?  It may work if your avocado is exactly that size.  What's wrong with a knife and a spoon?

Oh, this is my favorite...a banana slicer...because there is no way you can even attempt to slice a banana with a knife, it is impossible.  You must have a scientifically design instrument of exacting specifications, honed to perfection which will cleanly slice through one of the most difficult items to slice known to man! Apparently you peel the banana, then carefully slide the banana into the hole, then the slice-o-ramma party begins.  May all your bananas be the correct diameter.    


So back to knives.  Another knife I would say is indispensable is a serrated knife.  There several types, this one a few people call a tomato knife.  Great for, well tomatoes, other veggies.  Something with a skin to get through.  a great little knife.

This one is great too...a bread knife.  I didn't think I need to spend a wad of money on it so I just picked one up a a restaurant supply store, makes my work
Having at least a few basic knives saves you from constantly cleaning it from cutting raw meat than to garlic then on to breads.

I do have a few old knives that somehow wiggled their way into our kitchen.  I usually only use them if I need to slice open a package of chicken or whatever then throw it in the dishwasher, instead of using my butcher knife then have to clean it after one little use.  I don't wash my good knives in the dishwasher, I think the high heat dulls them faster.

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