~ Totally Undeserving of the James Beard Award

~ Completely Undeserving of the James Beard Award ~

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Slides Rule...

Saturday I tossed together some sliders...those wonderful mini burgers which allows one to mix and match it up.

One was a tex-mex with a roasted pepper slice, monterey jack, cilantro and chipolte mayo.  This mayo is great to have on hand in a squirt bottle...perfect on fish tacos, more on that on a later post.  Chipoltles are roasted jalapenos, buy them in the Mexican department in cans which are packed with adobo sauce.  Depending on your burn factor use one pepper and a bit of the adobo sauce to maybe 1/2 cup of mayo in your blender or mince the pepper and whisk with mayo.  Taste...add more pepper or mayo to balance it.  If it's waaay too hot, drizzle in some honey.

Another slider I made was a BBQ style with a basic dry BBQ spice rub I put together, same stuff I use on ribs.  It's a mix of brown sugar, paprika, garlic and onion powder, cumin, salt & pepper, chili powder and a bit of cayenne.  I rubbed the raw patties on both sides with the spice mix and assembled the burger with BBQ sauce (we like Pendleton brand, really good, no high fructose corn syrup)and slaw right on the burger.

The last one was your basic bacon cheese burger.  I made some homemade potato chips with Hawaiian sea salt, cracked black pepper and rosemary...yum!  We got the sea salt on our last trip to the islands but I found out you can find it at a funky little place in Lynnwood which sells...salt!

I also made for fun, a Spanish food thing, traditionally made with "calsots", which is a Spanish sweet onion from Valls in the Catalonia region of Spain.  They look similar to our green onion but larger. You fire these babies over hot coals and blacken them. I picked up some large spring green onions at the Sunday farmers market down the street and drizzled olive oil and dusted them with salt and pepper before grilling.  

As they do in Spain you serve
them with a type of romesco sauce called "salvitxada" (gesundheit!), made with almonds, tomatoes, oil, vinegar, peppers all whirled together into a paste.  Apparently there are festivals in Spain for these. And then you ask, "how the hell do you know about these?", like I stated in my About Me, I watch food shows on TV and pay attention...for instance...this.

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