~ Totally Undeserving of the James Beard Award

~ Completely Undeserving of the James Beard Award ~

Monday, June 13, 2011

Well, now I've done it..

I have officially fallen off the deep end, checked out, gone berserk, rabid, maniacal...spinning out of control, running pell-mell to a space where few ever escape.  I got my Fathers Day present early...a Traeger "Texas" smoker grill.  Yes, the bigger one...with a digital thermometer. Full tilt boogie. Thanks kids (and my bride), I hope I can re-pay you with tender morsels of 'cue.

And yes, I have a Weber 22" briquet grill...and yes, I have a nice Weber gas grill.  There is also the smaller Weber briquet grill but we wont include that, it's never used.  

Why?  Why has this happened to me?  Why did I want yet another grill and why this one?  Well, I guess it is an attempt to improve on barbecuing.  See, barbecue is not cooking a steak or burgers, that's grilling.  Barbecue is like playing an instrument...you never really learn how to play it, you are always learning, trying something new.  Barbecue is like sex...there is no bad barbecue just better barbecue.  Barbecue is like sitting in a lounge chair on the beach in Kauai sipping on a mai-tai as you listen to the waves, plunking on your ukulele as a gentle breeze blows by...man this is good.

For many, it's an addiction.  Attempting but never achieving perfection.  Getting just the right mix of dry rub, smoke, wood type, time, heat all goes into the BBQ blender and you hope it works.  Then, after you have smoked some ribs a few times, a pork butt or two (which is actually the shoulder...go figure, the pigs hind end is the ham), maybe a brisket you think...hey, I got this, I know how to barbecue.  No you don't.

Why place the fat side up on your chunk-o-meat?  What is happening to the collagen?  What the hell is it anyway?  What about getting more bark...the not-burnt, burnt looking crust. Spritz or not to spritz?  A little Texas crunch anyone?  How's your smoke ring?  Sauce?...which kind?  A vinegar based like Virginia or mustard based like Southern Carolina or tomato based like Kansas City? You can check that out here.  Anyway, there is a lot going on and you either pay attention to it or ignore it all, throw some protein on and pour a glass.  To see what one guy has to say, check out my link to "Amazing Ribs" on the left, and this one is good too.

Don't forget to vote on the right! I am sure I will be 'cue-in' it up this weekend.  Drop by and I'll save you a few ribs. Maybe.

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