~ Totally Undeserving of the James Beard Award

~ Completely Undeserving of the James Beard Award ~

Saturday, July 7, 2012

I Don't Need Anything!...Except These Hot Wings and Nothing Else!...and These Ribs!...These Ribs and These Hot Wings...

Get it?

Here's a quick post about some ribs and to go along with them I whipped up some wings...two kinds, one a traditional style with Frank's Wing Sauce (no big deal there) and a jerk style wing. 

Mrs. Blogger Man and I honeymooned in the Caribbean which included a stop over in Jamaica. On a walk we came across a street vendor selling jerk chicken. "When in Rome...", so we each got a plate and a beer and sat down at a picnic table for our outdoor lunch. Let me say something about that chicken...IT WAS THE HOTTEST DAMN THING I EVER ATE!!!

We must have been a sight for that vendor, coughing, sweating. Maybe she sets the extra hot pieces aside for the tourists and her entertainment. But I do have to say, besides the heat it was very moist and intensely flavorful.

I have found that the Walkerswood brand of jerk marinade really good and the more you add...well, the closer you get to Jamaica.

So for the jerk wings, I slathered them well with the jerk seasoning to marinate for a while...

...and for the traditional style, I just hit it with some salt and pepper.

I won't go through the ribs much as I have posted that previously, but these are St. Louis cut ready for the Traeger, gettin' happy with the dry rub...

...I find these simple tools essential for ribs, long tongs, a spray bottle (here with apple juice to spritz on every so often to ensure the ribs stay moist) you exclusively only use for food and a shaker for your dry rub mix.

I par-baked the wings in the oven then finished them off on the smoker

The ribs, both wings and some slaw...gotta have slaw with BBQ. Can't go wrong with that, cuz that's all I need...

I'm gonna go then...

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