~ Totally Undeserving of the James Beard Award

~ Completely Undeserving of the James Beard Award ~

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hey!...Do You Know How To Make a Fruit Cordial?...

...says Frank.

Dean replies: "Be nice to him, I guess".

And now ladies and gentlemen, the Sands Hotel proudly presents…The star of our show!…
Direct from the bar!…Dean Martin!

DATELINE: Copa Room, Sands Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada - 1960.

Back in the 60's, we were not as politically correct as we are today. This and other off-color, racist, bigoted statements were interwoven within the Rat Pack's (Frank hated that term) stage show at The Sands Hotel's "Copa Room" (imploded in 1996, replaced by the Venetian hotel)...and a good time was had by all.

Frank: "Keep smiling Sammy so the folks know where you are!"

There are a few food references to their stage show such as their snack cart they wheel out which Dean "mixes himself another salad", most likely consisting of bourbon and ice. 

However, this snack cart which includes likes of many food related items, such as corn and rye (whiskey & bourbon), potatoes (vodka), sugarcane (rum), grapes (vermouth & cognac)...and undoubtedly olives, small pickled onions, lemons and limes.

I tell you daddy-O, those were swingin' times. For a few short weeks, Frank, Dean, Sammy, Joey (Bishop) and Peter (Lawford) filmed the Original "Oceans 11" film by day...and at night they would storm the stage at the Sands "Copa Room".  It was the hottest ticket in town.

Getting tickets for the show, you either need to be the Hollywood "A" list or on Jack Entratter's (the Copa Room' producer) list. And the Hollywood "A" list did show. Lucy (Ball), (Gregory) Peck, Buddy (Rich), Sammy (Cahn), Cary (Grant)....on and on. 

Dean jokes: "I like the one where the teacher says, Tommy? You have fairy godmother? Tommy says, No, but we have an uncle we keep a close eye on"

The Sands had a dining room, actually more of coffee shop...

I love the olive green chairs...so modern!

Ox Tongue Sandwich anyone?...only $1.00!

Back at the Copa Room...let's see what they offer on their wine list...

Oooh...a lovely Almaden Grenache Rose'!...$4.50 a bottle, baby!...or maybe the ever popular Liebfraumilch Blue Nun...heck, too hard to decide when they also offer Mateus!

The famed Copa Room, all set and ready to party.

Hmm...what to have for dinner...so many choices...

Sorry for the blurry menu. For appetizers we could choose "Chopped Chicken Livers" or their "Famous Pickled Herring".

For our entree...there is something called "Minced Tenderloin of Beef Mexicain" (sounds like meatloaf with peppers) for $7.00...and there is "Broiled Tasmanian Lobster Tail" (Tasmanian? They must ship them in from the Acme Lobster Company) for $7.25

To finish we can get "Rainbow Sherbet" for 40¢..."Apple Pie" for 50¢...or go all out with the "Ice Cream Roll with Brandied Cherries" for a whopping 60¢.

There's nothing like it now...no show I know of brings this caliber of multi-talented performers...at the top of their game...on one one stage.

Let's sit back watch the show!...

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